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Abacus and Abacus Calculation
Abacus and Abacus Calculation

Isn: 1672-0288
Domestic serial number: 23-1511/o1
Date of publication: 1980
Language: Chinese
Mailing Code: 14-39
Publication cycle: bimonthly
Competent unit: Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Finance
Sponsor: Heilongjiang Institute of Financial Science; Chinese Abacus Mental Arithmetic Association; Heilongjiang Abacus Association

Introduction to Abacus and Abacus Calculation

The periodical is for the purpose of developing the cause of abacus and mental arithmetic, implement the work decisions and arrangements of the CAMAA, guide the work of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Associations at all levels throughout the country, carry out academic theoretical research and exchange, summarize and publicize the advanced work experience of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Associations and abacus and mental arithmetic teaching experimental areas (schools), develop the brain potential of young children, and answer the theoretical and technical issues concerned by the majority of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Associations workers, teachers and readers, Comprehensively promote the enlightenment function of abacus mental arithmetic education to better serve the economy and society.

Sending Direction

Leaders' speeches, expert forums, champion's road, abacus mental arithmetic and intelligence development, abacus mental arithmetic and brain science, abacus mental arithmetic teaching, children's abacus mental arithmetic, experience exchange, teacher forums, exploration and practice, numerical history discussion, interesting mathematics, character narration, perception and feeling, literary garden, etc.

Journal Features

1. Basic requirements. The article strives to be detailed, rigorous and standardized. It can include abstracts, keywords (3-5), references and other elements. The total length of the article (including characters, spaces, charts, etc.) is generally 1300 ~ 5000 words, and the format should be standardized in accordance with the requirements for submission style of abacus and abacus (available from the editorial department).

2. Submission method. Please submit in word format through email (submission email: zsyzxs@126.com )。 Repeated submissions shall be subject to the last draft. The editorial department will notify the author of the manuscripts that have not been hired, but will not notify the manuscripts that have been hired. The author can contact the editorial department to inquire about the review of the manuscripts.

3. Each article is equipped with three horizontal photos related to its content. The photos have high definition, and the size is better than 1MB. Do not paste them in word (except the necessary drawings and tables involved in the article content). Please send them to the submission mailbox with the article in the form of attachments. Please send the original picture to wechat, and the wechat of the editorial department is zsyzxs126.

4. If you have any questions, you can consult by email or telephone (editorial department Tel: +86-0451-53621748).