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Welcome Contributions -- WAAMA.org.cn

The WAAMA.org.cn is an abacus and mental arithmetic publicity and exchange platform built by the WAAMA. The purpose of this website is to protect human intangible cultural heritage, inherit abacus culture and benefit future generations. We warmly welcome people from all walks of life to actively contribute.

1. The WAAMA.org.cn welcomes your contribution or recommendation. Manuscripts have various forms, pay attention to quality, and are not limited to length. There is no limit to the theme of the manuscript, but if the manuscript is closely related to the inheritance and protection of abacus culture, abacus and mental arithmetic education, and scientific research, this website is more willing to accept it.

2. Contributions can be either original works or reprinted works.

3. If it is an original work, please attach the author's name and contact information so that we can communicate with you in time. Please specify the personal information or contact information that you want to publish at the same time as the article. We fully respect the intellectual property rights of the original authors.

4. If it is a reprinted work, please specify the author and source in detail and respect the copyright.

5. We will process the submitted articles as soon as possible (usually 1-3 working days). Once the manuscript is confirmed to be published, you will receive the electronic confirmation letter sent by our website. Contributions are not paid temporarily.

6. All manuscripts and related materials should be sent to waamagame2014@sina.com. Please indicate "contribution" in the subject of the e-mail, and "docx" format is preferred. If there are illustrations, please send the picture file separately. Please note the text description of the picture file, and use this text description as the file name of the picture file.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our contact information is:

Tel: 010-88191323 

Fax: 010-88191391