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How to Join WAAMA

I.To read the charter of WAAMA through website of WAAMA

II. Applying for membership in accordance with the provisions of article sixth of Charter. Article 6 is “WAAMA is composed of group members, which consists of council member and non-council member. Association, teaching or research institute of abacus and mental arithmetic, registered in their countries or region, have the right to apply for membership. If there is more than one organization in the same country or region, they are all allowed to apply for membership. Council member shall include the member of the First Council, the association of abacus and mental arithmetic in national or regional level and the education & research institute of abacus and mental arithmetic as the only one to be the member of WAAMA in its country or region. The other organizations engaging in education and academic research institutes of abacus and mental arithmetic shall join WAAMA as non-council member.”

III. Download and fill out " Application Form for the Membership of WAAMA" and " Statistical Table of Applicant” according to the requirements in the form and submit the relevant materials in time.

IV. Only when all application materials are complete, Secretariat submits it to the executive council meeting vote.

V. After passing the vote, the Secretariat will register for membership and issue membership certificates.

VI. According to the Articles of Association of the World Association of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, members shall fulfill the obligation to pay membership fees according to the notices, and the membership fees standard is $300 per member unit per year.

VII. Secretariat contact information:

Address: R. 1323, No. jia 28, Xinzhi Building, Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Zip code: 100142

Telephone: 86-10-88191323

Fax: 86-10-88191391

E-mail: waamagame2014@sina.com

《Application Form for the Membership of WAAMA》

《Statistical Table of Applicant》